Monday, June 29, 2009

Whirlwinds and Waiting Games

The Whirlwind

It has truly been a whirlwind month for us! Are you ready for this?

While I spent two very time/energy/life consuming, yet rewarding, weeks earning my Level II Kodaly Certification in Lubbock at the beginning of this month, poor Brandon was left to tend to the puppy and pack up our apartment. (We still have more to pack! It's amazing what two people can accumulate over 10 months!) When I returned from Lubbock, I had a day to wash and repack my clothes and then we headed off on our Tour de la South. In the last week, we have traveled 5 1/2 hours (in the car, with Gizmo) from Odessa to Denton and did a "blue-tape walk-through" of the new house with the builder. Then drove 9 hours to Fayette, AL where we stayed a couple days. We then left Gizmo with my parents and drove 8 hours to Hartsville, SC for the Harbin/Theismann wedding extravaganza (which was BEAUTIFUL!). Yesterday we drove 8 hours back to Fayette, and tomorrow we will load up the pup and head back to Texas.

The Waiting
And the adventure is still not over. We were supposed to close on the house on Wednesday, drive back to Odessa, finish packing, and then move on Monday. Unfortunately, someone in the lending office decided to drag their feet and there are important papers that are still not in the right hands, which is delaying everything. Right now we don't know when we will get to close. If we can't do it Wednesday (which is nearly impossible at this point) we may have to wait until next Tuesday. Brandon has a gig in San Angelo over the weekend that we can't afford to cancel.

So, that means that we will have the movers in Odessa on Monday, empty out the apartment and turn in our key. Only to have nowhere to call home until we sign everything sometime Tuesday. This should be really interesting.

On the upside, the movers called today to say that while they will be loading our stuff on Monday, we are not the only ones they will be moving to the Dallas area then. Because of that, they won't be able to deliver our furniture until Wednesday, the 8th. At least that is working in our favor.

I know stuff like this happens and is expected. We've even had a handful of friends who have had to deal with it just this summer. So, we're not really bummed (what's a couple of days when we're about to spend years in this house, ya know?), just tired of waiting. We're so excited and ready for this whirlwind of a month to end so we can get busy settling in to our new home! This is like the Christmas Eve that would never end! Haha!


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