Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Blah . . .

Here we go again.  I am constantly around snotty sneezy kids and Brandon is constantly around lots and lots of instrument spit.  It was bound to happen.  We have now both had our first rounds of back-to-school sickies.  Brandon ended up with a cold and awful mouth ulcers last week.  This week I'm down with (surprise!) a very sore throat.  We've found a good doctor here though, and I'm going to see him here in about an hour.  My throat is almost as sore as it was this spring when I had that awful case of strep.  Odd thing is, this time, I'm not really running a fever.  Our school nurse says that's actually possible with some of the newer strains of strep.  Since I'm in a new environment with new kiddos, it is entirely possible that I could have a version of strep that I've never had before.  I guess we'll know soon.

Other than the two of us passing around the sickies, we're doing alright and I think we've adjusted well to our new schedules (I don't even mind the 40 min drive every morning).  This next month will be pretty busy though.  Brandon has his first two concerts at UNT this week (I can't wait to hear them!), then he's off to play in San Angelo for the weekend.

Next weekend we celebrate our FIRST ANNIVERSARY!  I cannot believe it's already coming up on a year!  We haven't decided what we're doing yet, but it may involve a free trip to The State Fair (I got 2 free tickets for being a teacher! Ha!).  Whatever we do, I know it will be special.  :-)

The next three weekends we have: a wedding in Galveston, a trip to Tulsa with Brandon's folks, and then (I think) a visit from Brandon's other folks and several All Saint's Day gigs.  Should be fun!

And now I'm off to the doc.  Yay me.  


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