Sunday, August 22, 2010


There's a positive perspective for that feeling of, "I'm overwhelmed!" View it as a reflection of your choice to put your passion into action and make a difference that really matters. Your degree of overwhelm correlates to the magnitude of the contribution you have chosen to make to the lives of others and to yourself. Never forget that YOU ARE ENOUGH and you can chose EVERY moment to do your best - nothing more, nothing less.  - Carol, from Kindermusik International

What do you get when you add the approaching first week of school, three Kindermusik DemoDays classes, a classroom computer that's on the fritz, a car wreck - I'm ok btw, and a cold together? You get OVERWHELMED!

It is an overwhelming time of year (even without these lovely little extras). I seem to have a lot of these times lately. I came across the quote above in my weekly Kindermusik email and it really hit home for me. I AM putting my passion into action - this week of all weeks! I know I am making a difference in the lives of my students - from the youngest Kindermusik baby to my oldest 5th grader and hopefully beyond! I WILL do my best to make every moment count this year, to let God's love pour through me to my kiddos, and remember that overwhelmed is an ok place to be once in a while.


Anonymous said...

What, a car wreck?! What happened? Glad you're ok though. That's very overwhelming in itself. - Eloise

The Wileys! said...

whew....It will calm down sweet friend. I think it's better to be overwhelmed than just "whelmed"... hang in there!

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