Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ahhh, Spring Break . . .

. . . the time of the year when teachers get to catch up on everything they don't have time to do when they're teaching!

We are officially at the mid-point of our break now.  So far I am feeling somewhat rested and very accomplished.  Projects for the week so far:

SB Project #1 - Gizmo
The poor puppy desperately needed to be groomed.  Unfortunately, the one place around here that is reasonably priced rarely answers the phone and has lost our business countless times because of it - this time they lost it for good (I am so not sad about this, though. I'm pretty sure that lady hated us.).  After much research and many YouTube videos on how to groom your Shih Tzu/what to use, we went to PetSmart on Sunday and purchased a nice set of Andis clippers.  Three+ hours later a very clean, somewhat ragged, short-haired Gizmo emerged from our bathroom leaving behind a mountain of fluff.  Project #1 - done!


SB Project #2 - A Clean House
It seems like our house never gets squeaky clean until right before we have company.  I'm ashamed to say we're more dumbesticated than domesticated when it comes to this area of our lives.  Our second project of the week is to conquer the house.  Monday was spent doing just that.  I am proud to say that by the end of the day the entire downstairs was squeaky clean and upstairs only has a few more things to be done (namely vacuuming and dusting).  And I still need to tackle the master bath (I keep finding bits of Gizzy-fuzz here and there . . .).  Oh, and downstairs isn't quite as squeaky clean now . . . Project #2 - in progress

SB Project #3 - Tech Specs
After spending the previous day deep-cleaning, we decided that we (and our sinuses) needed a break.  I slept in (a rare occasion for me) and Brandon, my adorable nerd of a hubby, played on his computer.  Sometime that morning Brandon noticed his computer was running hot (apparently a dangerous thing for the video card).  He took the whole thing downstairs and opened it up to find a couple of fans had disconnected and a TON of dust had collected.  This prompted a "quick" run to Best Buy for a can of air (yes, apparently even air has a cost!).  On the way there, Brandon surprised me by telling me we were also going to look at laptops!  (NOTE: My laptop died last August and we've been sharing B's one desktop all year.  Not an ideal situation when you have a teacher and a doctoral student in one house).  After a bit of searching, a little haggling, and a trip down the road to find it (and that can of air) in stock we are now the proud owners of a (very cute) 14" HP laptop! (shhh . . . I'm not supposed to call cars or computers "cute"!) Yep, I'm happily sitting on the couch blogging with her right now!  In fact, I think I'll name her "Happy"!

Brandon's desktop is fine, by the way.  Once he he attacked it with that can of air and the dust settled (all over my kitchen counters) it worked like new!  But that "squeaky clean" kitchen resembles a construction site now.  Project #3 - done!
My "Happy" HP!

There are more projects and more pictures to come this week!  Stay tuned for updates on our next projects including "pampering the teacher", "photography phun", "the playdate", and, if we're lucky, "the garden"!  

Happy Spring Break!


Kristi MacNeill said...

Gizmo looks great! Congrats on learning to groom him. It's something that can save so much money and a task I have always wanted to conquer. I have yet to even really attempt it due to Maggie biting me at the mere sight of a brush. However, the groomers say she does great with them. I don't know what her deal is.
Yay for a new laptop and a clean house! Love your new blog design- it looks great. Hope all is well Mel!

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