Saturday, May 7, 2011


Lately I've had the pleasure of designing several invitations for various events and people.  I am so enjoying being creative and coming up with different ideas!  Here are a few that I have made in the last few weeks (in what little spare time I have).

These were sent to school board members and  various businesses around McKinney.  We also made this into posters to hang around the community.  BTW, if you're in the area, PLEASE come this Thursday!

This is design #1 for my friend Jennifer's baby shower.  I can't make it to Alabama for the shower, so my "hostess duties" are to handle invitations and RSVPs!  How fun!

Design #2 for Jenn's shower.  She hasn't decided which one she wants yet.  I'll keep you posted.

Design #3.  This one was really fun.  I made the boat using MS Paint.  Super simple!

So, anyone need and cards or invitations?  I'd love to make more - especially once June gets here and school lets out!  :)


Leigh said...

Want to design one for a "retirement" party! :o) You are so clever and creative! Hope you had a great day!

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