Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dear Ella . . .

This was a busy week for you and Mommy. I got to celebrate my very first Mother's Day on Sunday. You and Daddy gave me yellow tulips and the sweetest card. I got to spend the day snuggling with you, Daddy, and Gizmo and we didn't have to share you with anyone. It was so nice to just be with our own little family. I think that may have been the first day we didn't have any visitors since we brought you home. It was a perfect day! :)

We had your 2-week check-up with Dr. G. on Tuesday morning. You weighed 7 lbs 10 oz, and were 21 inches long. Your weight puts you in the 50th percentile and your height in the 90th percentile! You might get lucky and be tall like your Daddy. We also had to visit the newborn nursery at the hospital to get your 2-week PKU/Newborn screening done. They had to prick your sweet little heel, but you were so brave and you only cried for a few seconds. Maybe you will handle needles better than Mommy (I'm really not looking forward to your vaccines later on!).

We had some special people come to visit us this week. One of Mommy's very best friends, Emily, and her little girl, Keller, came to play. We ventured out and ate at your first restaurant, Prairie House - you slept the whole time! Keller is only three months older than you and Emily and I hope you girls will be good friends like us.

You also got to meet David and Shelley Potter. They are friends of ours from Alabama but they live in Texas now too. They were in town for a big horn conference that Daddy had to help host at UNT. You will see them again this fall once football season starts. They will help us teach you to say Roll Tide!

We took our first trip to the grocery store on Wednesday and then went to Grandma and Bumpaw's house to visit for the very first time. You are such a good little travel buddy and you do great in the car! I know one day soon you will get very excited whenever you see us turn down the road to go to Grsndma and Bumpaw's house. :)

This morning we even got to visit our church for the first time. We had a Mother's Day brunch and got to show you off to some of Mommy and Grandma's friends. You have a separate letter about that to read.

It's been a very busy few weeks for Daddy, too. We've been on our own most of the time since you and I came home from the hospital because Daddy had end of the semester stuff and IHS to take care of. But tonight Daddy will be home for supper because he's done for the semester!! Yippee! I think we ought to lock him in the house and throw away the key so we can keep him here with us for a while, don't you? ;)

Baby girl, I just love being your Mommy so much! I love telling people that you're my daughter. And more than anything, I love every second I get to spend with you whether we're out and about or just snuggling together after a 2am feeding. You're the most precious thing to me and I love you with all my heart!



Mommy said...

Dear Melanie
Sweet Ella is blessed to have you and Brandon as her parents.


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