Friday, May 18, 2012

Dear Ella . . .

Mommy and Daddy can't decide which one of us you look like the most. Grandmommy says you look like my baby pictures. Aunt Anna and Grandma say you look like your Daddy. I don't see either of us fully.

What I do see is a very familiar face. I was struck by how familiar you looked the very first time I held you - as if I've known you my whole life. I'm convinced you could have picked you out of a group of babies sight-unseen because yours is a face that I know with my heart.

When I look at you, I see so many people who love you. I see Big Grandma, Grandmommy, Grandma, and your Daddy. Sometimes I catch a glimpse of your Uncle Jonathan (I think you have his baby hair), quite often I see your Aunt Anna (especially with your cute little nose!). I even see our cousins Julie and Elizabeth and their children. All of these people and so many more make up parts of who you are and they all love you so much.

I love you my beautiful baby Ella.


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