Friday, January 4, 2013

My One Word 2013, pt 1

I'm not a fan of New Years resolutions. I don't like feeling obligated to add one more thing to my very full plate and I don't like the guilt that I put on myself if and when I fall short of that goal. I know now that I probably won't blog or even journal consistently, I may or may not run another 5K this year, I'm not even aiming to lose weight (though if I could drop these last five baby pounds I'd be really excited!). If I do any or all of those things then good for me, but I'm not going to stress over whether or not they happen.

For the last couple of years a few of my friends have tried a different approach to their "resolutions" - a one word sum- up of what they want to be/look like/work on in the coming year. You can find the man who started it all, Mike Ashcroft, here and see a few of my friends (personal and/or blog buddies) and their One Word for the Year here, here, and here.

My former pastor, Andy Wood, says that most people he knows that choose "one word" for the year seem to know what their word will be almost immediately. When I first started mulling over my "one word" I actually had three words come to mind - time, trust, and love. Over the last few days I've come to realize that my thoughts and goals relating to time and trust are really wrapped up in my "one word", LOVE.

I can see this word playing out in three distinct areas of my life - my family, my relationship with God, and my job.

Since I tend to be a little long winded when I write, I will break each of these down into separate posts and hope I carry it through.  We'll see.  :)

Here is the first.

1) My Immediate Family: 2012 was the most amazing year of my life. I became a mommy to the most beautiful baby girl in the world. My heart grew leaps and bounds before I ever even set eyes on her and my love for her grows even bigger each day. I'm constantly learning and relearning what true love is through this precious little one. I am eager to continue this mommyhood journey this year as I watch her grow.

One of the greatest joys of becoming a mommy has been watching my husband become a daddy. I've seen a side of him that I never knew he had. I love seeing him fall in love with our little girl, and each time I catch a glimpse of that, I fall more in love with him. We are stronger, closer, and more in love today than the day we were married (5 years ago this year!).

My prayer for my little family is twofold - that I am able to find more ways to show and express my love so that Brandon and Ella will always feel secure in my love and that God will use me to continue to show His love to them.


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