Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ahhh . . . Spring Break!

I LOVE spring break! We have nothing to do, and nowhere to go this year. And it's SO nice! It's warming up here and should be in the 80's all week! I'm looking forward to a week where I can just be a wife, cook real meals, get lots done around the apartment, and just relax.

We officially kicked it off last night with a nice date-night to Midland (15 or so mins from us) where we ate at the cutest little Italian restaurant called Luigi's. They had drippy candles on the tables and everything! Brandon and I both agreed that it wasn't nearly as good as the Spaghetti Warehouse in Tulsa though (that place is amazing!). Today, we drove the 2 hours up to Lubbock to visit some friends at Turning Point Community Church, where I used to work, and to tour the Llano Estacado winery. We had such a great time!

I'm amazed at how much TPCC has grown in just the few months I've been gone! We saw plenty of friends and familiar faces, but there are so many new people that are already invested in the church now that we were actually greeted (more than once!) as newcomers! Haha! What a great indication of church growth!

In other news - only one more day to go without wheels! We got the insurance check on Friday, but the tire place couldn't send anyone out here until Monday (and it would be a little hard for us to just TAKE the car to the shop, ya know). But I'll be back on the road sometime tomorrow - hooray! We've had so many blessings come out of this though. In addition to our insurance covering so much, we have some amazing friends that have really pulled through for us. Wednesday night, after Brandon left for a rehearsal, our friends Emily and Eric decided to take it upon themselves and treat me to dinner - just because. Then, to top it off, they insisted that I take Emily's car to work on Thursday (since I have to travel between schools during the day). Wow. We truly are blessed. :-)

PS - Hi Stewart family followers! I'm glad Eloise passed our website on to you! Much love, Melanie and Brandon


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