Sunday, March 22, 2009

Supper Club

Well, here we are at the end of a wonderful Spring Break. I'll have to give a full update of all our fun times later, because we're about to be off to our "supper club." That's right, we have a supper club. How cool are we?! :) It's really just us and two other couples from our apartment complex, but we're all musicians and these guys are our closest friends here. Tonight we will be at Emily and Eric's. They're providing the main dish and side (steak and mashed taters!), Christi and Joseph are bringing the salads (two because some people don't like anything in their salad except lettuce and ranch), and we get to book-end the meal with Aunt Janet's Mushroom Logs (Brandon's fave!) for appetizers, and Key Lime and Chocolate Pies with homemade whipped cream for dessert. Mmm! It's gonna be good!

PS - Thanks for the recipe, Aunt Janet! We love it! :)


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