Saturday, April 25, 2009

Are We Moving?

Hi all! Everyone keeps asking about the job search/moving status, so I thought I would give a quick update. As it stands right now, we will still be moving to Denton sometime this summer. I really can't imagine us not going since Brandon has such a great offer from UNT.

I still do not have a job yet. But there are some good prospects out there. I attended two job fairs weekend before last (Little Elm ISD and Carrollton/Farmers Branch ISD). Both districts seemed very interested. Little Elm has two anticipated openings but since they are not official, they can't interview for them yet. Carrollton does actually have an opening at Las Colinas Elementary. It is an International Baccaluareate school, which means there are a TON of
foreign students (but nearly all speak English in addition to their native language). From what I understand, IB schools were originally created for families of international business people and politicians so that when their students get bounced around from school to school, they will still be on a similar level. It seems really great. I met with their principal at the job fair and have been invited to her campus to meet the special areas team this Friday.

Everything about the school sounds amazing - except the location. From where we want/need to live with Brandon being in school, it would mean about an hour long drive down I35 E for me. I am not thrilled about that. In fact, if there was a way to live in the metroplex and completely avoid all interstates, I would do it. Traffic there really scares me. So, anyway - we'll see how Friday goes, and if I have any other leads. Keep the prayers coming!

In other news, Gizmo is growing and growing. He went for his second round of puppy shots today and weighed 5.6 pounds! Of course, the whole vet office knows him and adores him already (and what's not to love - he's just so cute!). He got a puppy present in the mail the other day from Max, Moe, Dolly, and Button Stewart (Eloise's doggies). He now proudly sports his snazzy Bama collar, chews on his squeaky Bama-bone pillow, and cheers on the Tide in his puppy shirt. :)


Eloise said...

He's the cutest little granddog ever!!

The Wileys! said...

Thanks for the update! If you are in town this weekend, we would love for you to come to LK's birthday party this weekend!You could meet Sookie too! Let me know!

We'll be praying about a job!

Melanie said...

Hi Carrie! We actually will be in town a little this weekend (Brandon more than me though). We're driving in tomorrow night, but I'm flying to Atlanta Saturday morning and will get back just in time for us to drive back to Odessa.

Here's another update on the job stuff though. I just got an offer from that school yesterday afternoon (YAY!) and last night had a request for a phone interview for ANOTHER district (I'm taking that interview at lunch today). I have to make a decision by Friday morning - so please pray for wisdom!

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