Saturday, May 16, 2009

A New Look

So, I should be doing a million other things - cleaning house, working on my Kodaly homework for this summer, fixing supper, etc. Instead, feeling creative, I decided to change up the blog a little and try my hand at creating my own header. I have to say I'm kind of proud of myself.

Making it was actually the easy part. The hard part came from trying to save it in the correct format for blogger to use. Since I don't have Photoshop or even Microsoft Publisher on my computer, I had to create it in Word, "print" it to Image Writer, save it as a TIFF, open the TIFF in a free photo program that came with my camera, THEN save it as a JPEG. Whew! But I did it all without getting Brandon's help!

In other news, Brandon and I are looking forward to heading to the DFW area next weekend for Memorial Day. Both of his sets of parents will be there, plus sisters, brother, nieces, and nephew (our cute little ring-bearer). It's going to be great. Plus, by then we should know for sure where I will be working next year - so we can hopefully start seriously looking for a house! Yay!


The Merlins said...

Very impressive! If I had any spare time I'd attempt to make our blog more snazzy. ;)

And yup, I'm way behind on reading your blog. For some reason it wasn't saved to my google reader. But you're on there now! And I'm going to be posting more often on my blog since I can post from my phone now! Yea!

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