Saturday, March 20, 2010

Spring Break 2010

Wow!  What a week it has been!  While our original plans for spring break (going home to Alabama) didn't pan out like we had hoped, we have had a very busy, somewhat productive, and mostly good (mostly spring-y) spring break here in Texas.

The weather was gorgeous all week long, so we started out last weekend by working in the yard, weeding and mulching the flowerbeds, and getting ourselves ready for spring.  I so love having a yard of my own!  What makes it even better is having someone to work at it with you.  We had a great time just being outside with each other.  I think Gizmo enjoyed greeting all of our neighbors and their pets from the front yard, too. 

Tuesday was not so fun, though.  I had to have my first ever colonoscopy, which meant Monday afternoon/night was spent "prepping" for it.  It really wasn't too terrible, but it wasn't as easy to recover from as I had been told.  To answer the inevitable question, yes, I'm quite a bit younger than the average colonoscopy patient.  And yes, I'm ok for the most part.  I have a mild to moderate case of ulcerative colitis - look it up if you need to.  It's certainly not the worst thing that I could have had.  And it's manageable with the right treatment (which I'm now on).  So, nothing major to worry over.  I don't like the fact that it cost me a day and a half of my spring break though.

The rest of this week has been pretty terrific though.  I've spent some good quality time with Brandon's folks while he's been traveling back and forth to Waco to play with their orchestra.  I got a lot of projects done around the house.  I got to see my friend Susan (who is due with her first baby in just a couple of weeks!) and her beautifully painted nursery!  AND I have found a wonderful summer job that will keep me teaching music and satisfy my urge to work with PreK's again!  I'm going to be a KinderMusik teacher!  (look for my next post to hear about it!)

All of that brings us to now.  I'm sitting upstairs finishing my recap of this beautiful Spring Break . . . . . . . and watching the snow pile up in my front yard.  Crazy, no?  I find two things wildly ironic with this.
  • One, this winter has been the snowiest this area of the country has ever seen.  And I have missed the two biggest snows of the year - Christmas when I was in Alabama and in February (when we had a FOOT of snow!) when I was stuck in San Antonio.  But here, when there is no chance of school being cancelled and when I had just dug out my flip flops from the bottom of my closet, we have a freak snowstorm.  I think God might be laughing at me - just a little.
  • Two, I can't help but think that I just secured a summer job while on spring break in the middle of a winter weather advisory.  I guess it was just the right day for things to fall into place.  (ba dum, chh!)  :)
Happy Spring Break 2010, everyone!


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