Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hoping for Snow!

There's no use in being cold unless there's snow to play in!

I hate being cold! I'm definitely southern born and southern bred. And sometimes even the South is too cold for me!

Today is a different story though. Today I am more excited with every degree the thermometer drops. There are snow clouds above, and I nearly busted Brandon's eardrums when we passed through OKC and saw a few flurries!

We are currently on the road home from Tulsa after spending the weekend with Brandon's grandparents (and pigging out on yummy Merritt's Bakery treats)! The snow we saw in OKC has stopped, but the roads are wet and it's beginning to sleet.

To make things better, Brandon's folks who live 25 mins from our house just sent us a message saying the rain there has officially changed into big fat snow flakes!

Here's to coming home to a winter wonderland! Yippee!!

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