Friday, October 14, 2011

A Much Needed Day Off + Baby Stuff

Ahhh . . . It's 9:30 on a Friday morning, I'm still in pajamas and relaxing in bed with my fuzzy little doggie and growing belly.  I can't imagine life getting much better.  :)

I have the day off for an ENT appointment to figure out what's going on with my voice (can't seem to keep it for more than a few school days in a row).  The nice thing is, the only time they could fit me in before November is today at 11:30, which means I can't just take the morning or afternoon off, I have to be gone all day.  I originally did NOT like this idea, since I'm trying to save as many of my off-days as possible for when Stewart Little arrives.  Now that it's here, I am oh so thankful I took the full day.  I needed a chance to rest and relax a bit.  This whole working-six-days-a-week bit is really wearing on me this semester and I feel like I haven't had the chance to just be in a good long while.  So yes, today is much needed and oh so nice.  :)

In other news, Stewart Little is growing and growing (and my belly is showing and showing - or, at least starting to).  I've had several teacher friends comment this week on being able to see a bit of a bump!  Isn't that exciting!!  I can tell a difference (and Brandon can too), but I didn't realize anyone else could see.  Of course, they know I'm expecting so I know they are looking for it.  I'll be really excited the first time someone who doesn't know comments on it!  I officially cannot button my favorite jeans, I'm wearing my old size 10 dress pants (I'm usually in a size 8) and even they are more comfy unbuttoned.  Really, every pant is more comfy unbuttoned (thank heaven for belly bands!).  Who decided buttons were a good idea, anyway?

We're beginning a nice collection of baby things around the here now.  Thanks mostly to the soon-to-be grandmothers!  My mom and Brandon's mom have both sent bags/packages full of cute baby stuff.  The only things in this picture that we have bought are the ducky outfit, the "I Love My Daddy" and elephant onesies, and Baby's first elephant (Roll Tide!).

Look at those ADORABLE hoodie towels!
Here's a quick story about the Thumper doll.  Before I was born, my parents called me Thumper (apparently I should have been a soccer star with the way I kicked!).  My parents even have birthday cards "from" me signed "Love, Thumper".  My mom found this little guy when she was baby shopping and sent him to me.  Little Thumper marks the first time I really teared-up in this pregnancy.  Isn't he just the cutest!

Very soon we'll be adding a swing and bouncer to the collection - courtesy of one of my Kindermusik moms!!  She has one-year-old twins and when she was pregnant she registered for two of everything.  They've ended up mostly using one swing/bouncer set and have decided to sell the other barely-used set to us!!  $50 for one of the best and cutest swings and bouncers out there!  It's the Fisher Price Little Lambs swing and matching bouncer.  The swing itself sells online for upwards of $150!  How great is that!  We're going to pick them up on Sunday.  Yippeee!!


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