Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Stewart Little Update

Stewart Little is doing great, according to our Perinatologist yesterday!  Baby is measuring 2.75 cm with a heart rate of 167 bmp.  Good and healthy!  2.75 cm also means baby-thing is about 12wks 2days instead of 11wks 5days like my due date says.  I know they say the first ultrasound is the most accurate, but my symptoms and other dates line up much more accurately with the 12wks 2days mark, putting my due date back at the original - May 2. (Of course, that's unofficial since my OB actually has to make that call, but I'm personally aiming for the 2nd.)

It was so amazing to see that sweet baby moving around in there!  It's crazy to think just 6 weeks ago, at our first ultrasound, you could hardly distinguish anything other than a tiny little heartbeat flicker.  This time, there is no doubt there is a BABY in there!!  It's completely awe-inspiring.  We saw Stewart Little jump, stretch, wave ("Hi Mommy!"), open and close her mouth, kick, everything!  I know it's still a few weeks off, but I cannot wait to be able to feel all of those amazing little movements!  We got some great pictures and even a DVD of the whole ultrasound!  I'm going to try to figure out how to get part of that video on a private YouTube channel so family and close friends can see Stewart Little wiggling around like a little jumping bean.  :)

Here are a few of my favorite pics.

Sweet baby-face!

Waving at Mommy!

By the way, even though it's still early, my peri has certain things he looks at to give his best guess as to whether Stewart Little is a boy or a girl.  He said he gives it a 4 out of 5 shot that we will have a . . . .

. . . oh sorry, you'll have to wait until our Dec 19 appointment to find out for sure.  
(message me if you are really curious to know what he thinks!)


Katrushka said...

Oh how mean. I wanted to know the gender >:(

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