Monday, February 13, 2012

Stewart Little Update

We have officially one day left in our 2nd Trimester!  It's hard to believe we're nearing the end already (and we still have so much to do!).  Here's a bit of an update on Stewart Little and our latest check-up.

Today at the doctor I measured 27 centimeters - exactly on target for where we should be (I'm 27 weeks right now and will hit the 28 week/3rd trimester mark on Wednesday).  I have officially gained 20 pounds in this pregnancy, something I'm not proud of.  My doc only wants me to gain 25, but up to 30 is safe.  I have a hard time imagining the scales going much further than they already are, but at this point I'm supposed to be gaining about a pound a week!  Eep!

I had my glucose screening today and had to get stuck three times before they got anything (have I ever mentioned I HATE needles?).  I felt so bad for the sweet girl sticking me though.  She's done every blood draw I've had at this office and never had a problem - and she knows about me and needles.  It wasn't her fault at all, but she obviously felt terrible about it.  Poor girl.  I should have the results of that test sometime tomorrow.  Say a quick prayer that I pass and don't have to go back in for the 3-hour test!  I don't want to take off work, and I'm pretty sure she doesn't want to stick me over and over again after today.  

The slightly terrifying exciting news is that we're actually to the point in this pregnancy where I now have to go in for a check up every two weeks (that only happens when you're at the end!  Omigosh!).  We have 3 more visits at two weeks apart and then once we hit the 36 week mark we go in once a week until Stewart Little arrives!!  We're that close!  Can you believe it??

I've had a few pregnancy firsts in this last week, signaling the start of our last trimester.  I've had a bit of lower back and pelvic pain (yes, even after my massage) that I'm sure I'll be dealing with for the remainder of the pregnancy, some lovely new issues that have me chugging apple juice and eating gobs of prunes (use your imagination), and a new one today - I realized I can't breathe well if I'm leaning over (even if it's just sitting hunched over my desk).  When did she get so big to start squishing my lungs?  Honestly, any one of these little "firsts" would normally have me complaining, but I know that each one means we're that much closer to seeing and holding our little girl for the first time.  It's so exciting and it's starting to become real!  

Something else that makes it more real for me?  I finally went through the rest of the boxes of stuff from the closet in Stewart Little's room and cleared out everything in there that's not hers.  Last night I actually got to organize and put away the clothes, toys, books, bibs, paci's, etc that she has already been given.  There are baby clothes in my baby's closet!  How exciting is that?!


CarrieMW said...

I just have 2 words for you: Yoga Ball. All those times you made fun of me are now going to come back to haunt you.

Melanie Stewart said...

Haha! I don't remember making fun of you so much as being amazed that a squishy ball could make that much difference. I have to admit though, I thought of you and that ball today and wished I could try one! :)

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