Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ella Elizabeth Stewart

Ella Elizabeth Stewart

Stewart Little has a name!!  Our baby girl is Miss Ella Elizabeth Stewart.  Ella means "beautiful" and Elizabeth means "oath of God".  It's a gorgeous name that sings of the promises of our God.  But, we didn't pick these names for their inherent meanings alone.  These names mean something even more to us.

Our little girl is named after one of the dearest and sweetest people in our lives, Brandon's grandmother, Ella Jane Stewart.  She is a sweet loving woman with a servant's heart, someone who always puts others needs in front of her own.  She is still with us today and I can't wait to get a picture of big Ella and little Ella one day soon.  Sadly, her memory has faded away over the last few years thanks to a type of dementia.  I was blessed to know her before it really began to take its toll and have loved her from the first day I met her.  Family means so much to her and while she still could, she would tell me stories of her children (including Brandon's dad), her family growing up, and her mother and aunt, twins Merley and Pearly.  Ever the hostess, she would always make sure we had something to eat and drink within minutes of walking through her door.  She was the caretaker of her family and even today, though she rarely recognizes people anymore, she still has the same sweet disposition and the same care and concern for those around her.  She will smooth out the wrinkles on her husband's pants, check his shoes, and pat his hand as if to say, "everything is ok."  It is so sweet to watch them together.

She is such a dear woman and she has left a legacy of love for her family.  There couldn't be a more fitting namesake for this littlest Stewart.  Little Ella will grow up hearing the stories about her great grandmother and hopefully living up to her name.
Visiting Brandon's grandmother just weeks before we found out we were expecting.

Little Ella's middle name, Elizabeth, comes from one of my favorite women of the Bible, the mother of John the Baptist.  She was one of the first to speak out in faith and proclaim Jesus as Lord - even before he was born (Luke 1:39-45).  She welcomed Mary into her home when Mary was pregnant, unwed, and uncertain of her future.  I can only imagine what a comfort Elizabeth must have been to Mary in the weeks they were together.  I know in my own life, and especially during this pregnancy, it has been a huge comfort to have close friends and family to call on.  It's even more exciting to go through such a life changing event with someone you are close to.  I have been blessed to be pregnant at the same time as several of my close friends.  I think it multiplies the joy!  I am certain it was that way for Elizabeth and Mary long ago.  I pray that our Ella Elizabeth grows to be a woman of faith who is not afraid to take a stand and proclaim it.  I pray she is a comforter and someone who can help multiply the joy of others as well.

As an added bonus, Ella Elizabeth will share her middle name with two other close family members.  My sweet cousin, Elizabeth Jane and Brandon's cousin, Abbey Elizabeth - two beautiful women who are both very special to us.

I'm so excited to finally get to announce Ella Elizabeth's name to everyone!  This little girl will have some big shoes to fill, but I'm certain with the help and prayers of our family and friends, she will live up to the name she has been given.

I love you, my sweet Ella Elizabeth Stewart!


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