Saturday, January 29, 2011

It's Curtains for Us!

Since I have this rare free morning, I'm using part of it to catch up on some of the things I've been meaning to post.  So  . . . here ya go!
Two weeks ago, I got to enjoy one of our rare teacher workdays (no kids, no meetings, just a much needed "get-stuff-done-in-my-classroom" day).  I had planned to clean out the giant closet in the back of my music room.  This closet is so big and so stuffed that in the 3 semesters that I've been at Burks I haven't even made it to the back until now!  I knew Brandon had the day free as well, and asked if he would come out to the school and help me.  He waffled around before giving me an answer, so I let him off the hook, but I was a little bummed that he didn't want to come.  Little did I know, he had other plans for the day . . .

That afternoon, after an entire day spent cleaning, dusting, sneezing and organizing, I came home feeling pretty accomplished and a little proud of myself for tackling that monster on my own.  What I found was a husband who shared a few of those feelings himself!  While I was gone, he and his parents worked their magic in our living room and breakfast area and hung up the curtains that we finally (after a year and a half of living here) bought!!    What a great surprise!  I love having a husband that takes initiative and finds little things like this to surprise me with!  I love him so much!!

It looks great - exactly the kind of look I've been wanting to acheive in there!  See for yourself!  (Curtains - Ikea, curtain rods and rings - Lowe's)

Breakfast nook

Living Room (we're in the process of putting fans up - ignore the dangling light)

Living Room/Breakfast nook (plus our new fans in the boxes!)


Emily Baker said...

They look beautiful! I wish we had an Ikea here. Curtains make you it look so homey!

Emily Baker said...

Um...I had to type a word verification to comment on your blog and the word it gave me to type was "poosips". Ew....sounds gross.

CarrieMW said...

they look awesome Mel!! Sweet Sweet husband!!

Melanie said...

Thanks, girls!

And, Emily - ew! LOL

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