Sunday, January 23, 2011

Joy in the Mornings

Happiness is waking up nose to nose with your puppy, and elbow to elbow with your husband.

I love Sunday mornings. They are my chance to relax, reflect on the past week, and mentally prep myself for the week ahead. Plus, Sunday is the one day of the week I can stay in bed long enough to watch the sun come up - one of my favorite things to do!

Right now the sun is just coming up and I am still snuggled down with my two very sleepy boys. I am happy.

But, I believe that happiness is circumstantial (though I am thankful to be happily basking in this circumstance) - and that true JOY (my favorite word!) is constant. I have long believed that there is a huge difference between those two words.

My joy comes from loving, and being loved by my heavenly Father. Regardless of my situation, I know He is faithful and I can have joy in that knowledge. He is constant, so my joy is constant. Any blessings I receive (such as mornings like this with my sleepy, loving husband) are wonderful extras that add to my happiness - and when I'm aware enough to catch it, can serve as reminders of my Father's love, but my joy is complete only in Him.

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Emily Baker said...

Amen...and how did you post this? I need to know how to blog from my phone!

Melanie said...

I bought the BlogPress app. It had the best reviews for use with blogger. I really like it.

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