Saturday, February 5, 2011

More Craftiness

Here are a few more mini-projects that have worked their way into my schedule over the last year.

The iPhone 4 case.

iPhone 4 case
Made from leftover apron material

It's a nice, snug fit so it doesn't fall out.

Painted lettering for the "Word Wall" in my classroom.

I painted and cut out the letters (from poster paper) that go above the "word wall" in my classroom. Below the letters is a section for each grade, and as we learn new music terms, we put those words up on our wall.
The "Word Wall" at the beginning of the school year

My "Word Wall" was part of the inspiration to help a friend with her nursery decorations.  She went to Hobby Lobby, picked out different scrapbook papers that matched her nursery colors and I decoupaged them onto wooden letters to spell out sweet little Maddie's name.

And of course, I can't find the pictures right now, but trust me, it's adorable (almost as cute as Maddie, herself!).  Hopefully I can share the pictures soon!


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