Saturday, February 5, 2011

Here's a Great Website!

Come follow me on Pinterest!  As mentioned before, Pinterest is this great online tool where you "pin" pictures and links to things that pique your interest (pinning your interests . . . ).  I've known about it for a while now but, since it's a brand new community, I had to request and wait for an invitation.  It came today!!  I have had so much fun filling up my "boards" this afternoon!  My favorite one, the one that tells the most about me, is my "What Inspires Me . . ." board.  As the title says, it's the people, stories, books, quotes, movies, etc. that are some of my inspirations in life.  Cheesy, maybe, but I love it!

The board that will probably be the most useful to me, at least in the near future, is my "Master Bedroom and Bath" board. For Christmas, Brandon's parents gave us a new comforter set (or, well, the money to buy whatever new comforter set we want).  Since then, Brandon's mom and I have been browsing and perusing various catalogs to find that perfect combination of color and pattern.  This board gives me a chance to compile all of those great pictures that we've found so we can start deciding what to do in there.  I think I'm starting to see a theme develop in which things I like - see, my Pinterest board is already doing its job!

So, check it out when you get the chance!  If you find, like me, that it's a little addicting and you'd like to start your own, let me know.  I have a limited number of invites that I can share.  Otherwise, you may end up waiting a while like I did.


Screenshot of my "What Inspires Me . . . " Pinterest Board


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